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At Quality Express Examiners, we maintain an extensive network of medical professionals, health equipment technicians, medical technologists, IT personnel and health consultants.  In providing Lab and Clinical Tests, we ensure the proper implementation of procedures in sample collection, treatment of samples and in the treatment of Lab Test results.  

We consider each step and each course of action in our profession to be essential in producing accurate In-Center Physician Exam reports.  These reports will be reflected in the patient's medical history as well as help attending medical personnel develop a diagnosis.  

Our company advocates for raising standards in quality healthcare.  We contribute to the healthcare community by:
  • Efficiently coordinating with physicians, healthcare facilities and PPO's
  • Maintaining integrity of samples collected (urine drug testing, saliva sample collection, etc.)
  • Enabling clients convenient access to healthcare services and medical exams by providing on-site Lab Testing and Medical Exams
  • Producing accurate results and relaying such results to patient's doctor(s), all the while maintaining patient's right to privacy by preserving the integrity of the information during the transition
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